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  • 64 Horsepower
  • 381 Lbs.
  • Developed as a race replica of the YZR-500 (OQ6) works racer.
  • Kenny Roberts won the World Championship on the YZR in 1983
  • The engine is a 499cc V-4 2 stroke, the first of its kind to ever be installed in a road bike.
  • Designed to directly compete with Suzuki’s RG-500 2 stoke, neither model was ever imported to the US due to emissions standards. The RZV was built for the Japan market only, and differed significantly from an RZ-500. The RZ was built for Europe, Canada and Australia. The RZV had an aluminum frame, brake caliper mountings, was slightly de-tuned with more restrictive exhausts, and smaller carburetor jetting. The result was 20 lbs in weight savings, and about 15 less horsepower than an RZ-500.
  • Today, they are both highly collectible with the RZV being rarer and more valuable.
  • This particular bike is stock, except that the carburetors have been tuned and de-restricted.
  • The seat tail-section has been signed by Kenny Roberts and Eddie Lawson. Both of whom are iconic racers that had huge successes on their early 1980’s Yamaha race machines, upon which the street replica RZV is based.