· 95 Crankshaft horsepower
· Dry weight 493 pounds
· The Centauro was based on the Daytona Super bike but offered a more comfortable riding position
· Designed as a sport tourer or muscle bike, it had all the high quality Superbike components:

  • – Fully adjustable White Power front end
  • – Brembo brakes with four piston calipers
  • – 17 inch wheels with Radial tires
  • – Weber Marelli fuel injection

· Built for just three years, the Centauro was a well-designed bike but never a sales success. Those that have them tend to love them but the controversial styling probably hurt its lack of popularity which is a shame because it is a truly a great bike to ride.
· Not as nimble as the Ducati Monster, but stable as a freight train through long sweepers
· A relatively comfortable riding position, very capable chassis, and lots of power make for an exciting bike
· This particular bike has the optional Guzzi front and lower fairing that was offered as an accessory on the 1998 model. It also has a full Staintune stainless exhaust system and a power commander.
· Tuned by Orient Express, it developed 90 rear wheel horsepower