One of about 20 imported into the US out of 207 produced

  • 119 Crankshaft Horsepower
  • Dry Weight 364 pounds
  • In 1988 Ducati released its all new 851. The engine was a brand new design, inspired by the Ford Cosworth Formula One V8
  • Displacing 851cc’s for compliance in World Superbike racing, it has 4 valves per cylinder, liquid cooling, desmodromic valve train , dual head cams
  • Producing about 95hp, it was by far the most powerful road going Ducati ever made until 1988
  • Two models were available, the 851 Strada ( street) and the 851 Kit (track)
    The Strada had DOT compliant lights, exhaust. 16 inch wheels and displaced 851 cc
  • The Kit was intended for racing and sold to privateers. It only had a head and tail light, no mirrors, racing mufflers, Marvic magnesium wheels, no speedometer, racing slicks, aluminum fuel tank, and displaced 888cc’s
  • It had a lightweight a solo seat and tails section. Braced swing arm, ram air intake gearbox, and racing clutch with open clutch cover.
    This particular bike is all original with very little track time.