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  • The last of the Mini’s built by Rover before selling it all to BMW. 
  • 1300cc 4 cylinder engine
  • 4 speed gearbox
  • Webasto folding sunroof
  • Factory wheel arch flares
  • Alloy wheels
  • Rally light package
  • Burlwood dashboard

In 1999, Rover decided to build one last run of this iconic car. The very first one was built around 1958, I believe. Originally designed to just be an economical people mover, the looks really caught on, with some saying the car looks a bit like a bulldog. Through the years, these cars were raced, and enjoyed my the hundreds of thousands. Wagon and delivery van versions were built along the way. 

If driving this car doesn’t put a smile on your face, then you just don’t like cars. Sort of an economy car with an attitude is how I’d describe it.