• One of about 1,000 RS models built in 1995
  • The RS was not imported into the U.S market
  • The 993 models were the last air cooled Porsche 911’s built
  • Japan market model, but left hand drive
  • Riviera Blue paint
  • 3.8 Varioram flat six engine, producing 296 horsepower, and 262 ft lbs. of torque
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • Limited slip differential
  • Bilstein coilover suspension
  • Aluminum hood, and lightweight glass, contribute to a light curb weight of 2,882 lbs.
  • 18” 3 piece alloy wheels by Speedline
  • 4 piston brake calipers on all four corners
  • Lightweight racing seats
  • Minimalist interior, with back seat deleted
  • Large, fixed rear wing.

A truly great Porsche to drive, and one of the iconic 911’s. In typical RS fashion, this is purely a drivers car, and amenities are kept to a minimum. Of course there is air-conditioning, and power windows.

But, for example, to save weight, the hood is made from aluminum and not steel, and a small prop rod is used to keep it open, instead of heavier dual, hydraulic pistons.

The entire car is built for the driving experience. It is balanced. Perfectly weighted. Raw, yet civilized.

The more you drive it, the better it gets.