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  • 115 horsepower
  • 425 lbs.
  • For 1990, the GSXR 750 was given many improvements over the 1988-89 models, even though they look very similar.
  • A new, long stroke engine replaced the previous 1987-88, short stroke unit. This gave the bike a much better all-around power band, with better low end torque. Larger, 38 mm carburetors provided more air intake for the new, more powerful engine.
  • A new frame, that was wider and stiffer, improved handling. The exhaust system was now a 4 into 1, instead of the previous 4 into 2, saving weight. The swingarm was widened to accommodate a new 5.5 inch wide rear wheel. The front brakes were greatly improved with larger, thicker rotors. The rear stock now had a separate, aluminum reservoir, similar in design to the race bikes.
  • Probably no other manufacturer built a bike more closely resembling a real race bike. The GSXR’s of this era, were always on the cutting edge of design and performance, with changes and improvements coming every year. 1990 was also the last year for the distinctive twin headlight design, which was a GSXR trademark since the original bike of 1986.
  • This is a fast bike, even by today’s standards, with a ¼ mile time of 10.88 seconds at 125mph, and on to a top speed of 153 mph.
  • This particular bike is all original. I bought it from the second owner in Ohio around 2012. I was very happy to find one like this. Most of these bikes were modified straight out of the dealership, or very soon after. Typical mods were an aftermarket exhaust and individual pod air filters for the carburetors.