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  • Cosmos Blue Metallic exterior
  • Pacific Blue interior
  • The very first M6

For the European market, the M6 was introduced ahead of the U.S market, and badged as the 635csi.

The E24 model, replaced the E9 3.0 CS. It was also the first 6 series.

While by today’s standards, this first M6 may seem underpowered, and docile, when it was introduced in 1985, its 285 horsepower , 3.5 liter 6 cylinder engine, was immensely powerful for its day.

Don’t forget, this is the same engine that powers the M1 supercar.

Also, for comparison, the most powerful cars of the time were the Ferrari 512bbi, with 365hp, and the Porsche 911 with 300 hp.

So, here was a luxury super coupe, designed to rule the Autobahn. Designed for sustained high speed use, and very stable through sweeping turns.

The interior is a delight to behold. The front seats are specially designed for this car, by Recaro. Manually adjustable for weight savings. The rear seats resemble the cockpit seats of an aircraft, especially with the optional integrated headrest nacelles with storage compartments built into the parcel shelf. This car has a fabric with a chequered pattern design.

The dashboard has a fantastic instrument cluster of VDO gauges, and the other controls are in a center pod, angled toward the driver.

The exterior styling has been dubbed ‘shark nose” , and it may be for the multiple angles of the front end. Whether viewed from the front, sides, or from above, there is a sharpness to the front.

The greenhouse is very big , especially compared to today’s cars.

The front spoiler incorporates flush mounted fog lamps. The rear spoiler is fiberglass, with a rubber edge at its rear.

There are wheel arch moldings, that act as flares to cover the wide wheels. Gives the car a muscular appearance.

As BMW’s of this era had, there is a tool kit integrated into the rear trunk lid. When you open the trunk, it has a flip down shelf with all of the tools neatly pressed into fitted compartments.

Also, this one of the first BMW road cars with a trunk mounted battery, to help with weight distribution front to rear.

The factory BBS wheels are stunning. The mesh centers a silver blue color, which is very elegant. They are 16” diameter, in staggered widths front and rear.

A great driving car . Supple ride, yet still handles very well. More of a cruiser than back road bomber, but can hold its own. The ZF 5 speed shifts precisely, and the gearing is wheel spaced for good acceleration up through the gears, and 5th is fairly tall allowing a fairly relaxed engine speed on the highway.

0-60 in 6.0 seconds

158 mph top speed