First year of the 930 Turbo in the U.S. market.

This car was completely restored to its original, stock specification by a marque specialist in Canada in 2017.

Porsche Certificate of Authenticity states that this car was built with:

  • Silver metallic paint
  • Black leather upholstery with blue/green tartan wool interior accents
  • No sunroof

U.S spec 930’s were built with the following:

  • 3.0 liter flat six turbo engine producing 245 hp
  • Four speed manual transmission
  • Air conditioning
  • Blaupunkt AM/FM Cassette stereo with 4 speakers
  • 15×7 front and 15×8 Fuchs alloy wheels

This first generation turbo is a delight drive, and true to its reputation, somewhat quirky car to use.

Huge amounts of turbo lag, require that the driver keep the engine above 4,000 rpm if hustling down a twisty road, or you’ll find yourself with very little power under foot coming out of the next turn.

But, you can sense how this car was to evolve into the all-conquering 911 turbos of today. Porsche’s use of a turbo in 1976, was to begin a trend of turbo powered cars that would last for decades.

In its day, the 930 turbo was among the world’s fastest cars, and considered a supercar in its own right.

Driving one today, provides a unique perspective into the past. And it’s easy to see why Porsche turbocharged so many of its racing cars as well.

As the old saying goes-

“There is no substitute for cubic inches. Unless it has a turbo”