Designed by legendary, and sometimes controversial speedboat icon Don Aronow.

The first hulls were lightweight race boats, entered in the 1968 off shore race season. Aronow campaigned the boat, and won pretty much every race for the next two years.

For 1972, the 27 Sport was offered to recreational boaters. It was available with either a single big block, or dual small block inboard/ outboards with Volvo drives.

Brash advertising with tag lines such as “ Too damn much boat for the average guy “, almost taunted buyers into trying one out.

Very solidly built, yet lightweight, using traditional fiberglass boat building technology of the time. With its 24 degree dead rise v bottom, and sharp lifting chines, the Sport slices through a 2-3 chop with ease, and can handle surprisingly bigger waves, even at high speeds. The basic dimensions were so effective as an off shore racer, that future boats, such as the Cigarette 39 are close to identical.

My boat was built in 1976, and was a fresh water boat originally from Michigan, and then Canada.

It has twin 400ci small block Chevrolet engines, with Bravo XR drives, swinging 5 blade propellers . Latham hydraulic steering, and Kiekaefer racing trim planes make it a pleasure to drive.

In 2016 we restored it with new paint, interior, custom teak deck panel replacing the original fiberglass/ vinyl wood grain piece, new period SW gauges with custom dash panel, new electronics, and more than I can remember.

It’s a great boat for an afternoon ride with friends . With a top speed of 75mph, it easily cruises at 50 at a relaxed 3200 rpm. Barely uses any fuel at that speed, and you’re still clipping along at good pace. Very comfortable and dry ride, with super precise steering. You can literally turn the boat sharply at 50 mph right on top of a 3 foot wave. The boat just sails over a chop, and even crossing a large wake from a ferry, it lands softly with not a rattle or shake.