• 6.5 Horsepower
    120 lbs.
  • These cute ‘mini motorcycles’ were the basis for millions of future riders. What kid wouldn’t want one? All three Japanese motorcycle companies offered a similar machine, and they sold tens of thousands.
  • Easy on Dad’s budget, simple to ride, and almost unbreakable. The carburetor is house inside the engine, so you can ride through streams. Also useful for kids who dont worry about things like getting water in an engine!
  • Beautifully finished with excellent paint and chrome. very forgiving and easy to ride, I have great memories of it, as this was my first bike. my Dad bought me a 1975 MC-1MA model, which was the full off road version with no lights or gauges. I rode that thing until the tires were bald, and then rode it some more.
  • This particular bike is a true survivor. With only 800 miles I bought it from the second owners. he planned to give it to his son, but when he saw how nice it was, put it right back on Ebay and bought his kid a new one to wear out.
  • Sadly, not many survive this nice, being that they were cheap when new, and no one thought of them as something you’d keep for long. However, like everything else we love from our childhoods, they get restored often by the people who had one as a kid, and just have to have one again!