• Top speed 145mph
  • 0-60 in 6 seconds 
  • 7.8 liter 488 cid V8 produces 608 hp

The last of the Shelby mustangs built in California, by Shelby, before he sold the rights to Ford, and they started building them in Detroit. 

I bought my car in 2004, from a Shelby club member, who told me it had a 1965 date coded 427 in it. And so it was the non original engine, as these cars came with the 428. After I got the car, and started driving it, numerous problems cropped up. Not the least of which was that the motor smoked badly, especially when cold. So, I sent the engine to well known Ford engine builder Jeff Lawrence. We then discovered that the engine was actually a 428, not matching to the VIN, and there was nothing special about the internal components. Meaning that rebuilding this engine would result in a heavy, 350-400 hp engine, and lackluster performance at best. 

So we purchased a brand new aluminum FE engine block from Shelby. I wanted a torque monster, as opposed to a higher revving engine, so it is a stroked 488 cid engine. Medium rise intake with 650cfm Holley carbs. Edelbrock heads. Port matched individual head pipes. 608hp on the Dyno. 

  • 5 speed Tremec transmission 
  • Detroit Locker rear differential with 3:55 gears
  • Wilwood disc brakes front and rear
  • Chris Alston Chassis Works front suspension

All stock parts including the engine and transmission are safely packed away, and go with the car, if it is ever sold.