This GT-40 recreation is built by ERA in New Britain, Connecticut.

It features a fiberglass body, and a steel chassis. Weighing about 2,400 pounds, and with identical exterior dimensions , and the exact shape of the original 1965 Ford GT-40 Mk1. The chassis is claimed to be stiffer than that of the original, and weighs about 75-100 pounds more.

The engine is a Ford 289, stroked to 347 cubic engines, utilizing a 4 barrel carburetor, and a unique to GT-40’s “bundle of snakes “ exhaust system. The 8 header pipes share merge collectors, which exit into 2 megaphones. Very unique sound unlike any other V8. This one makes 415 hp at 6,400 rpm. A 5 speed ZF transaxle transmission, just as the 1965 car had.

ERA builds a very high quality car, which compared to some other GT-40 replica’s, is a bit easier to live with.

Fully functioning air conditioning takes the edge off the heat generated by the engine. Nicely labeled dash switches is another nice touch, to make it easy to use the many identical looking toggle switches. The leather upholstery is very high quality, with brass ventilation grommets in the seats. The fit and finish is exceptional for this type of car.

What’s it like to drive?

Once in the car, and buckled up, the driving position is surprisingly comfortable, considering there are no adjustments. You sit very low, so in traffic, you’re actually looking at the underside of many cars. It’s road manners are very good. Corners very flat in the turns, and has a lot of grip, especially with this combination of Toyo and Hoosier tires. Ride nicely over bumps, and the structure feels very rigid. On a twisty back road, you can leave the car in 3 rd, and use the power to carry the car through the turns. Very capable handling, and the feel is that of a 1960’s super car, with enormous power. Top speed is about 170 mph with this cars gearing, and final differential ratio.