Built by Lynx in 1975 using a 1965 Jaguar E-Type for its donor parts, such as engine, transmission, front and rear suspension and brakes, rear differential.

One of only 9 XK-SS D types built by the original Lynx company, this is number 7. Just as the original cars built by jaguar in 1957, only 9 were built before a fire destroyed the factory, and all remaining cars and tooling at the Browns lane factory.

Lynx was formed in the 1960’s by Chris Keith Lucas, and their primary business was servicing, and restoring the remaining D-Type race cars, and XK-SS road cars, which no longer had any factory support.

At some point, they decided to build a tool room copy of the D-type, for the purpose of fulfilling customer demands for a “new” D-type. They also built 9 XK-SS road going versions of the D-Type, just as Jaguar had.

This particular car was originally a D-Type race car, and then converted to an XK-SS by Lynx, for one of its owners in England. It has also been owned by Tony Wang, a well known Ferrari collector, and Bob Rubin, the owner of Bridgehampton raceway.

This beautiful ecurie ecosse blue car, has a 4.2 liter twin can E-type engine with high compression 9.5:1 compression cylinder head, and Weber carburetors.